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Celebrating a few books

Getting a book completed and published can take a long time. Today I am celebrating some books by authors from my wonderful writer's group. Some of the books have just come out, some are on their way, and some have been out for a while and are well worth discovering. The creative Eye Heather Spears' The creative Eye is now available on Lulu.It is a

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Tea and caffeine

Want to drink more tea but want to avoid the extra caffeine? Caffeine is more readily soluble in water than the phytonutrients in the tea are. So steep the tea leaves for 30 seconds, discard that water then steep the tea again as you normally would. This shouldn't affect the flavor or the antioxidant quality the tea. (Read in Dr. Andrew Weil's Healthy Aging)

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What touches you most

The war photographerWas askedWhich situations haveMarked you most?What horrors have you seen?And his answer wasThat no amount of dead bodies,No amount of bullet ridden childrenHas touched him moreThan the kindness of thoseWho have suffered the most.(Hommage to Pep Bonet of Noor)

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Light paintings

Here are a couple of the light paintings abstracts (not quite sure what to call them yet) I will be exhibiting at the 3 festdage for maleriet exhibition.BalletFalling Stars

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  Petals Pretty pink petals Pitter patter Without pittance Pretty much proving That pangs of prittle Probably pray To prodding prattles

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Nutritional Information

I just found this great tool to find out the nutritional information of any recipe you make. It's called the Recipe Calculator from the SparkPeople. After you type in each ingredient, its amount, and how many servings your recipe makes, you get a rundown of the amount of calories in the dish, the fat types and contents, the cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate and protein contents, as

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Zucchini egg cakes

My Mom usually makes a version of these with the pulp after she has hollowed out zucchini to make dolma.  This version uses a raw grated squash. Ingredients: 1 medium sized green squash 6 eggs 1 medium to large onion, chopped 2-3 spring onions, sliced 3 cloves garlic, shredded or mashed 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 tablspoons flour Salt and pepper to taste In a

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Dare to be bold

Day 7 prompt of the #Trust30 challenge by Matt CheuvrontRealistic I wish I was But not reallyOvercoming fear Is fun and excitingMy head is too often in the clouds Trying to find my heartI frequently fallLuckily there are always Trampolines To soften the thumpAnd send me right back UpDaring to fly AgainWhat I need is not To dareBut to know WhereMy heart will settle.Bonus: This

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Sameness and otherness

 “Ignorance sees phenomena – which don't exist in and of themselves – as existing independent of thought”The Dalai Lama, in ' How to see yourself as you really are'How do you maintain awareness of the emptiness of things, as you go about your everyday life? How do you fit in continuity? Of people, objects, etc. How do you accept people who repulse you as images

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