“Ignorance sees phenomena – which don’t exist in and of themselves – as existing independent of thought”
How do you maintain awareness of the emptiness of things, as you go about your everyday life? How do you fit in continuity? Of people, objects, etc. How do you accept people who repulse you as images of yourself?
I can appreciate that all people want to be happy. That’s what they are trying to do. Each in their own ways. I can even appreciate that each and every person can have an aspect of me that I can recognize. We all suffer the same. But I don’t know how to fully embrace the notion of “non-other” totally. I get confused by personalities, by individualities.
As I realize that I have used “they” above, instead of “we”, I realize that I am thinking in terms of “the other”.
I have always thought I was very special. Unique. I’m sure that we all think that we are. And it is true for all. How do we marry the notion of uniqueness with the notion of sameness?
It is easy for me to imagine us all as fragments and ‘all-possibility-containers’ of all that is. We have the potential of all and everything. But we do not develop all facets of that endless potential. We concentrate on a few, and those few traits run away with us. Maybe ignorance is forgetting our vast potential. That is probably what is referred to as ‘ disconnection from source’. We forget that we are a part of the “all”. We forget our connectedness. We forget our sameness. And that is when our confined and blown-up egos start leading us. We are no more a unique representation of the whole / all, we are just unique. In our thoughts.
Do we get incarnated on earth in order to try to re-find that connectedness? Why are we designed to lose it in the first place? What is the purpose of such a design? How can we keep a constant awareness of concentrated flesh and ethereal striving?
I like the image of all people and things – everything – as being formed by wildly moving atoms and waves, located more densely where our senses perceive the person or thing, but also located far beyond where our perception sees the boundaries. That way it is easy to see all those dancing atoms as intermingled, that it’s all like a giant cloud of All, with places of concentration representing what our senses perceive as solid objects. Everything is floating, in constant movement, and every tiny bit affects the whole. Everything is related. Everything is one. And thoughts are also a part of this energy. Atoms and waves like the rest. Everything is interchangeable. Thoughts become things. Things become non solid. Everything is ever changing.
Who affects all those changes? What gives ‘the little push’, so to say? Who leads the orchestra? Is there someone choreographing the whole dance? Did someone put all the dancers in the room and left them to improvise? Are we all choreographers, and by magic, end up generating more beauty that chaos? Or do we?
Are those questions we have come to earth to find answers to? Or are we simply here to learn our bit in the dance of life and get a chance to perform it sublimely?

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