Recovering Word files

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Have you ever worked hard on a document only to have some unexpected error make you lose your work before you got a chance to save it? You know that Word auto-saves your work periodically, but how can you retrieve those auto-saved files? You can see the path to the auto-saved files in the Save options. In Word 2016, click on File then choose Options.

Wordcamp Copenhagen – 27 and 28 May 2017

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Wordcamp Copenhagen - 28 and 29 May 2017 It's that time of the year again! Two days dedicated to Wordpress. Lots of workshops, guidance and netwroking. All for 250 DKr. At Aalborg University campus in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen. See the program here: More info here: Facebook-event: Contact: Mark Thomas Gazel,, 27144641  

Reacting to images

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I was looking through my photo files and I accidentally fell upon this picture from 2004. It wasn't a picture I remembered I had taken. But for some reason, today it caught my attention. How do you decide which are your 'good' photographs? Do you have different opinions/feelings about individual pictures after you've have had some time-distance from them?

Celebrating a few books

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Getting a book completed and published can take a long time. Today I am celebrating some books by authors from my wonderful writer's group. Some of the books have just come out, some are on their way, and some have been out for a while and are well worth discovering. The creative Eye Heather Spears' The creative Eye is now available on Lulu.It is a

What touches you most

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The war photographerWas askedWhich situations haveMarked you most?What horrors have you seen?And his answer wasThat no amount of dead bodies,No amount of bullet ridden childrenHas touched him moreThan the kindness of thoseWho have suffered the most.(Hommage to Pep Bonet of Noor)

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