Getting a book completed and published can take a long time. Today I am celebrating some books by authors from my wonderful writer’s group. Some of the books have just come out, some are on their way, and some have been out for a while and are well worth discovering.

The creative Eye

Heather SpearsThe creative Eye is now available on Lulu.It is a wonderful illustrated book about how we see, how our brain functions when it sees and when we draw. It also contains many exercises in perception and drawing.

Heather is a Canadian poet, novelist and artist. She is also a teacher who has held many drawing workshops internationally. I have the chance to take one of her workshops next week and I am looking forward to it. Although I cannot claim to be able to draw (I draw like a child, I think), I know from the book that the exercises are also very interesting to a photographer’s vision.

The book will soon also be coming out as an ebook.

Rice Pudding in a Duvet

Heather Gartside is a British writer I have recently met. She is very well traveled, and she is working on a book called Rice Pudding in a Duvet.
This Heather writes quite humorously about her adventures during her residencies in several countries, with a culinary twist; the chapters are inspired by food and each contains a recipe. You can check out some of Heather’s writing on her blog.

Heather’s book will be published with Smashwords.

Books by Diana Deverell

One of Diana‘s latest books, Murder, Ken Kesey, and Me is a comic mystery I am looking forward to read.  Diana is a former United States Foreign Service officer and has published several novels as well as short stories. Diana’s humorous fast-paced style will keep you entertained. I love her strong basket-ball playing character, FBI special agent Dawna Sheperd. Many of her short stories have been published in Alfred Hitchcok’s Mystery Magazine. Check out her Amazon Author page.

She is now working on Help Me Rhonda, starring death penalty lawyer Rhonda Dockson. I love being part of this writer’s group and witness so many talented writer’s processes.

The Space In Between


This one is mine. It has just been made available on It is a photo book. With one poem. The process of letting the images come together two by two was quite intuitive and organic. My intention was to induce a visual holding space for a kind of peace. See what you think by checking out part of the book here.

That’s it for now. There are several other very talented poets and novelists in the writer’s group. Keep an eye  out for them…