Bar-b-q time

The weather is finally warmer and sunnier again here in Denmark, so a very pleasant time to grill. Remember that in addition to meat, all kinds of vegetables or bread brushed with interesting toppings can be also grilled. Here I used one little batch of this mixture on wedges of pita bread, and another batch of the same mixture to marinate some pork chops in. I also

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Lebanese green beans (Loubieh bi zeit)

This is a delicious way of cooking green beans which my friend Zaza taught me.I usually use flat beans for this recipe, but I'm sure it will also work with "haricots verts".- Clean and string the green beans if necessary (about 700 g)- Clean 4 big ripe tomatoes. Peel them if you have the patience :-) and cut them in large boats- Peel 10 to

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