Green beans

Lebanese green beans (Loubieh bi zeit)

This is a delicious way of cooking green beans which my friend Zaza taught me.I usually use flat beans for this recipe, but I'm sure it will also work with "haricots verts".- Clean and string the green beans if necessary (about 700 g)- Clean 4 big ripe tomatoes. Peel them if you have the patience :-) and cut them in large boats- Peel 10 to

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Green bean salad

It's been ages since I posted, so here's a quick recipe which I'd already typed up.This salad is very easy, quick and delicious. And if you always keep green haricots verts in your freezer, you can always serve an easy healthy accompaniment with you meal. Green beans (fresh or frozen) Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Toasted sesame oil Soy sauce Lemon juice Salt and Pepper to

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