Reacting to images

I was looking through my photo files and I accidentally fell upon this picture from 2004. It wasn't a picture I remembered I had taken. But for some reason, today it caught my attention. How do you decide which are your 'good' photographs? Do you have different opinions/feelings about individual pictures after you've have had some time-distance from them?

2017-04-22T22:01:42+02:00June 11th, 2014|

To sit

Sometimes when I think I don't go anywhereDon't do anything interestingHardly see anybodyAlways the same old same oldI sitJust sitAnd a smile spreads from my chestAll the way to my lipsAnd I can see my interesting lifePopulated with loving peopleThe many journeys, near and farThat I take everydayThat all seem to tell me thatThis mood too shall pass...

2009-03-15T11:23:00+01:00March 15th, 2009|

Life expectancy

Which life expectancy statistic do I belong to? When will I die? As anyone who has intimate knowledge of several cultures will tell you, belonging to more than one country is quite an enrichment to one's life. As a reward for being the slightest bit open and curious, one is automatically shielded from provincialism, narrow-mindedness and will always know for sure, if not appreciate, that

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