Reacting to images

I was looking through my photo files and I accidentally fell upon this picture from 2004. It wasn't a picture I remembered I had taken. But for some reason, today it caught my attention. How do you decide which are your 'good' photographs? Do you have different opinions/feelings about individual pictures after you've have had some time-distance from them?

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Light paintings

Here are a couple of the light paintings abstracts (not quite sure what to call them yet) I will be exhibiting at the 3 festdage for maleriet exhibition.BalletFalling Stars

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#Trust30 – Day 2

Today's prompt for the 30-day writing challenge was by Liz Danzico:How would you describe today using only one sentence? Today was the day I really felt the need to think of how I could translate the satisfaction of helping out into a livelihood. Hmmm...

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What I got from the CC salon in Copenhagen

Like almost everyone else, I am a creator of content. Specifically a photographer. I am also very attracted to all things internet. And I would love to be able to make a living mostly doing what I love.What especially fascinates me are all the new ways we are forced to think and new modes of operation we are forced to find because, in many branches,

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The essence of art

I heard today on a Lenswork podcast that Tony Bennett said in an interview that Count Basie's music lifts the human spirit, which is the essence of art.Lifting the human spirit, that is the essence of art. I love that!

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