What touches you most

The war photographerWas askedWhich situations haveMarked you most?What horrors have you seen?And his answer wasThat no amount of dead bodies,No amount of bullet ridden childrenHas touched him moreThan the kindness of thoseWho have suffered the most.(Hommage to Pep Bonet of Noor)

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  Petals Pretty pink petals Pitter patter Without pittance Pretty much proving That pangs of prittle Probably pray To prodding prattles

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Dare to be bold

Day 7 prompt of the #Trust30 challenge by Matt CheuvrontRealistic I wish I was But not reallyOvercoming fear Is fun and excitingMy head is too often in the clouds Trying to find my heartI frequently fallLuckily there are always Trampolines To soften the thumpAnd send me right back UpDaring to fly AgainWhat I need is not To dareBut to know WhereMy heart will settle.Bonus: This

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She's smilingHer little hand in mineThe world is good-A.T."She's weepingTiny head on my shoulderThe world is compassionThe world is good"-G.T.

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One and the same

AtomsMillions of themIn clustersOut of clustersDartingReachingMinglingPulsatingFilling spaceFilling timeEverywhereAll at onceIt's youIt's meThe same.

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