The essence of art

I heard today on a Lenswork podcast that Tony Bennett said in an interview that Count Basie's music lifts the human spirit, which is the essence of art.Lifting the human spirit, that is the essence of art. I love that!

2008-05-26T19:05:00+02:00May 26th, 2008|


She's smilingHer little hand in mineThe world is good-A.T."She's weepingTiny head on my shoulderThe world is compassionThe world is good"-G.T.

2008-03-23T17:59:00+01:00March 23rd, 2008|

One and the same

AtomsMillions of themIn clustersOut of clustersDartingReachingMinglingPulsatingFilling spaceFilling timeEverywhereAll at onceIt's youIt's meThe same.

2008-02-29T20:19:00+01:00February 29th, 2008|

I have this dream…

I have this dream right now. Of space. Enough space. Plenty of space. To move. To breath. To reflect. To enjoy...

2008-02-25T23:04:00+01:00February 25th, 2008|
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